Momo’s Mama Monday


It all started…

In September 2018 at Alyestal’s kitchen table. Alyestal vented to her husband (once again) about the challenges of motherhood others seemingly forget to share amidst the old wives’ tales and unsolicited advice they do. Alyestal took to her camera and began with the heart of being honest and finding community.

That’s how Momo’s Mama Monday began and Alyestal could never imagine it becomng all that it has grown to be.  

We need to be honest. This motherhood thing, especially in the early days, are TOUGH. But, there aren’t enough people talking about it. Something has to change.
— Alyestal


Momo’s Mama MOnday…

was an idea sparked at Alyestal’s kitchen table in September 2018. After venting to her husband about the tough parts of motherhood, Alyestal took to her camera sharing what she found lacking - honest conversation about the tough stuff in motherhood.

Finally, there is an opportunity for the community to further connect with the first ever Momo’s Mama Meetup. With great food and amazing conversation, Momo’s Mama Meetup is a reflection of the beauty in the multilayered experience of momming and the importance of mothering in community.


Why a meetup?

Alyestal birthed Momo’s Mama Monday with a heart to build a community. But, what is community without good food, lots of laughs, and amazing conversation?

Bringing the passion of the web series to life, the first ever Momo’s Mama Meetup is the in-person opportunity to find power in community; allowing mamas to grow as individuals and build as mothers.

Life is always better when it is done with someone else. We are not meant to do life alone, especially not the hard parts. So why not do it together?
— Alyestal


These amazing mamas will tell their unique stories to lead us in engaging conversation. While seemingly familiaur, their stories are unlike any other we have heard before because they are told in voices we have yet to hear. More specifically, these mamas were intentionally selected because their stories are ones that embody the strength, hope, and beauty that every mama hopes to possess.

Speakers will be announced.


our founder

Alyestal is a creative, a wife, and a mama to Momo. After the first eight months of mothering, Alyestal realized there was need for honesty in motherhood that was seemingly lacking. From here, Momo’s Mama Monday was birthed.


Our location

Trius + Aim bistro

Trius + aiM is a child friendly, family owned bistro. Serving up delicious, high quality food, Trius + aiM does so all while supporting local vendors and ethically minded suppliers.