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Create a New Story

If the me 12 months ago could see the me now, she would be (in two words or less), beside herself. I have journeyed these last 12 months toward this point in my life with a new understanding, open eyes, and a healed heart. On this day 12 months ago, Reynold and I celebrated two months as newlyweds.

In early celebration, I may have indulged in one too many glasses of prosecco so I was not feeling too well that morning. But, I had a strong inclination it could be something more that left me feeling off kilter. And with bated breath (how cliché right), I purchased a pregnancy test and a package of mints (hopefully the cashier wouldn’t notice), and headed home with a Popeyes lunch (because fried chicken makes everything better).

Habits Maketh the Woman

Habits Maketh the Woman

Plastic surgeon of the 50’s Maxwell Maltz found that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit and and the idea expanded to say 90 days to form a lifestyle. Well as new parents, my husband and I have reached the 90 day mark this week. We are no longer newbies per say as we have reached beyond the probation period. Baby girl is officially

We have made it to the three month mark at the beginning of April and in the midst of sleepless nights, we have done so much with our little. From photoshoots for doll companies, to Queen’s Park and taking to stages and art galleries we have done a lot. And in all of this doing, I can confidently say I have learned even more; about myself and my relationship with God. However, that will be shared in another post later this month.

Fresh Starts & New Beginnings

September I like to start thinking in fresh new ways to start “my year” off right. “My year” begins October 6 - my birthday. I like to pick 3 -5 goals for the 365 days until my next birthday, a theme to keep me on track and focused, and kick it off with a great celebration just like New Year’s.

To get me ready for the new year I have to start now. Why? To evaluate the successes and lows of the past year, determine the successes I’d like to achieve in the upcoming year, and really get down to what had been motivating me. Ultimately, I am taking inventory of my life and seeing what it is that I like and dislike about how things are going.

Self-Care is not Indulgent

For the past eight months I have been working very closely with an amazing group of women to develop not only my spiritual life and well-being but my overall development. Being in this group has challenged me to confront things about my life and self in this transition and season of becoming the woman God has called me to be right now.

I had a very telling experience in our most recent meeting. After being told to take out one item at random from our purses, we were then told to share what God was telling us about ourselves and season in that moment with that item. Seems easy? It forced me to come face to face with an wrong ideology I had been holding on to for too long - self-care is indulgent.